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Affton Missouri

Affton Missouri

This week for Missouri, we would like to talk about a city that is dear to me because of family history, it is Affton, Missouri.

Affton has been around since 1803 and is rich in settler history from the days of horse and carriage! Of course streets like Mackenzie and Tesson Ferry are named for these early residents and settlers. Back in the 1930’s, Al’s Tavern was a hot spot for many years, it is currently the Pasta House on Lindbergh Blvd.

The Ten Mile house was located at Gravois and Tesson Ferry was considered a “mile marker” for travelers, as there were not many establishments for this purpose back then.

Affton Missouri Brings Us More to Current Times

Bringing us to more current times, one of the most dear to our hearts and well known places in Affton is the Bush family’s Grants Farm. There you can enjoy seeing a variety of wildlife, livestock, birds, fish and of course the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale’s. You can also enjoy a meal and a couple of complimentary beers!

Affton has many, many restaurants to enjoy. A personal favorite of mine is Sam’s Steak House located on Gravois Rd, near Grants Farm. Others include Red Lobster, Joey B.s, Dave’s Diner, Concord Grill and so much more.

Another very popular asset is Suson Park. There you can fish, visit farm animals, picnic, and rent pavilions for special events. They also host fun events like an adult Easter Egg hunt!

Affton has always been a place with nice middle class homes, a ton of friendly people, convenient shopping, food, fun and all other needs for your family, including an accredited school district.

If you visit any of the places I have mentioned, or any of the others in Affton, we’d love to know how your experience went!

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