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repairs that will sell

Repairs That Will Help Sell

Repairs That Will Help Sell 

To increase your home’s selling price, focus on the repairs that will have a noticeable impact. For example, if there is peeling paint in an area of high traffic or chipped woodwork around windows and doors where it can be noticed right away from outside the house. If you won’t get to see these improvements after leaving with new owners anyway then don’t worry about making them perfect! Focus more on less important details like fixing cracks in walls so buyers are more likely to buy. Making small updates to the home will have a great return. However, you may not know what things are worth doing before putting your house on the market. Prioritize these improvements and you’ll be able to sell your home, quick. Lets talk about ways you can find a new buyer!


Want to know how to increase the value of your home? Install new flooring. By replacing scratched-up wood, ratty carpet and tired linoleum with beautiful hardwood floors you can create a warm inviting space that will be sure attract buyers who are looking for their next dream house! Install new flooring and you’ll increase the value of your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have people take one step inside, smile at how beautiful your house looks now that all those sad floors are gone? Buyers will certainly get a better impression than they would from scratched-up wood flooring or ratty carpet! If your home has hardwood floors, refinishing is the way to go. It costs about $2,000-$3,000 and you’ll recoup 100% of that cost. Flooring can be expensive, but if you’re looking to sell your home soon, it could pay off. If you choose hardwood flooring as the go-to renovation for your home update ($,000-$6,000, which is about 90% of what we’ll get back when selling), that’s a significant investment and not in everyone’s budget. However any type of upgrade will make an enormous difference with resale value!

Stains on Ceiling

To ensure a smooth sale, here’s one of the things to do before putting your house on the market: get rid of those pesky water stains. The telltale sign that there could be some hidden plumbing problems beneath the surface is enough for buyers not to even bother with further inspection and just pass by; it can also hurt real estate prices. Make sure you don’t have this problem in your home when prospective buyers come around! Before putting your house on the market, you should have any water issues with the plumbing fixed. This will make it so that potential buyers do not think there are hidden problems beneath the surface of your home. For example, a leaky pipe can cost $200-$300 whereas diverting rainwater from foundation costs about $55-$800 to fix and usually takes less time than repairing leaks in pipes does. All of the options are better than losing a sale.

Replace screen doors and windows

For such a low cost, it’s always worth fixing those small problems that are highly visible and might make buyers scrunch up their brows. When you’re debating how to increase the value of your home, get rid of any snags or ugly spots! You can purchase window screen frame repair kits from $10 – $15 at most home improvement stores. Considering this simple fix is so inexpensive and DIY-able makes doing these repairs well worth it for anyone who owns property because they will greatly improve the look on potential buyer’s faces when looking around in your house. Door screens can cost up to $100. Either way, its the small details that will help your house sell!

Clean Grout

If you have yellowing or cracked grout, buyers will notice. However, re-grouting can make your floor look like it came straight from the showroom! New grouts are relatively inexpensive and easy to install yourself if needed; they typically range between $1-$2 per square foot for simple jobs and up to 10 dollars a square foot for more complex ones depending on whether you hire out pros or do them DIY style. For professional help, a typical size room, cleaning grout and tile can cost up to $500. However, the range can be as low as $200 or high at $700 respectively due to how dirty it is and if there are any additional features such as windowsills that need special attention too.

Yard Presentation

If you want a beautiful lawn, it will take some work. Luckily hiring a professional to provide fertilizer and weed control costs about $375 (Landscaping jobs can vary greatly depending on the size of job and how many people are working. For small projects such as lawn care or tree service, it costs around $50 to $100 per hour for one worker.) and recoups 1k later when selling your home- an unbeatable 267% return on investment!

Damages from pets

Pet damage to your carpet can cause you a lot of stress. The first question that pops into many people’s minds is, “How much does it cost to repair pet house damage?” While the average price for repairing carpets are $100-$400, hiring professionals take care to make sure they get all those stains and patches in order again. If your furry friend scratched the door or hardwood floors, fix it before you sell. Otherwise, buyers may consider scratches a sign of deeper problems: for example they might suspect that there are pet stains on the floor too and then will try to negotiate down from what you’re asking or won’t pay full price at all. Refinishing doors costs about $100-$215 (or less if done yourself). Replacing carpeting is more expensive but worth it in the end – replacing hardwood floors can get costly (see first write up for idea of costs again)


If you’re planning on selling your home soon, a kitchen renovation isn’t the best option for you. While new cabinets and countertops might look great to buyers, they don’t pay anything back when it comes time to sell. In fact, sellers tend recoup about 62% of what they put into their kitchens renovations during this process unless major changes were made that impact resale value; instead focus on low-cost high-impact projects like adding some paint or replacing tired appliances with newer models. A full kitchen renovation is rarely worth it when it comes time to sell — even though buyers love a fresh look. Kitchens are still one of the most important features for buyers – so a little attention goes a long way!

If you have any questions about what we presented today, feel free to contact us. We want home buyers to easily see the potential of your property and reduce their efforts in trying to figure it out for themselves!

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