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What is a home inspection?

What is a Home Inspection

A home inspection is conducted by a qualified and certified inspector to assess the condition of many parts of your new potential purchase. After inspecting all aspects, an inspection report will be issued which can help you identify problem areas or impending repairs that need attention so you are not caught off guard when it comes time for maintenance. The value on your house could increase substantially with this information at hand; useful in any negotiations where price may vary significantly from one party’s estimate as opposed to anothers.

Benefits of Home Inspection before you sell 

Sellers will often complete a home inspection before putting their property on the market for a variety of reasons.

A pre-inspection can give you an idea about what may be wrong with your house that buyers want to fix or get credit back from when they purchase it, while also highlighting any upgrades and new additions in order to attract more buyers. 

A pre-inspection can be a demonstration of good will and openness to potential buyers about the condition of your home. This may build trust with those who are interested in buying from you, which could set you apart from others on the market. Disclosing issues up front also protects sellers (as opposed to waiting for them to uncover problems later) by avoiding canceled sales or lawsuits that sometimes come when they’re found out after all contracts have been signed. 

Benefits of Home Inspection before you buy

A home inspection can be a life-saving investment for prospective buyers. For $200 to $500, this important step in the process could save you thousands of dollars by revealing problems with plumbing and electrical systems that may not otherwise have been visible. As part of negotiations or credits towards final price, even larger savings are possible!

Have a detailed inspection before buying your next home can provide you with the leverage to negotiate a lower price. This is especially helpful for people who want to find affordable homes when large problems are uncovered during an inspection. Knowing what repairs must be done also allows buyers more peace of mind knowing that their concerns will not go unnoticed by sellers

A lot goes into finding and owning property, including getting access to inspections beforehand so as not get taken advantage of in negotiations or other parts of the process such as making sure all necessary repairs have been addressed.

Cost of Home Inspection

Home inspection costs for your area can vary depending on a number of factors, including square footage and age of the home and location. As mentioned, look to spend around 200-700 depneding on size,location and property. 

Inspectors may charge by flat fee based off living space or roof size as well as an hourly rate for older homes with repairs to attend too such “eccentricities.”

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